Star Wars: Survivors

Sortie Lothal
Will there be an explosion?

“Lothal’s citizens initially welcomed the Empire’s arrival on Lothal, as the Empire’s investments seemed to promise a boom for the remote Outer Rim world. But some Lothalites soon had second thoughts. As it had done on many other worlds, the Empire restricted the citizens’ freedom, enforcing its will with stormtroopers and TIE fighters. And the industry brought to Lothal wreaked havoc on the planet, with mines and industrial plants marring its grasslands.”
- Star Wars Databank


Friendship is magic

“Look no further than Lothal if you want to see what happens when the Empire takes control of an entire world. The Empire shows up and makes people who have lived here for generations go into refugee settlements like Tarkintown… and then, to make things even worse, turns their family farms into strip mines to dig for ore and crystals!”
―From Sabine Wren’s journal

Attende i felten
Meir lettjente pengar?

Super-Battle-Droid_f8b9df0b_1_.jpegSkilpadda møter Blade Eye sitt skip eit stykke unna dei tradisjonelle handelsrutene, midt ute i store tomrommet. Skipet hans er eit eldre transportskip, og han har selskap av andre av ulik modell samt eit par eldre headhuntere og interceptors. Her skal lasten fordelast og plan for oppdraget debatterast. Ombord på skilpadda lurar våre heltar på kva dei har rota seg borti. I det minste er det ikkje Imperiet…



Ein klassisk svindel
Lettjente pengar ventar

Nye eventyr truer med å kaste våre heltar inn i den galaktiske konflikta…

Sprell og fanteri
Peow peow

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